Smart Holidays

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Have you ever thought you need a holiday after a holiday? Studies show that vacations can cause you more stress, anxiety and irritability than they alleviate, often proving an unsatisfying and frustrating experience.

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Not long ago, TIME magazine carried out a survey among European holidaymakers to find out their preferences regarding holidays. It would appear that the old idea of lying out in the sun all day is outdated. People are now seeking holidays which are stimulating for the mind, body and spirit; a time for healing, relaxation and personal growth.

Many years before the TIME magazine survey was published, Francisco López-Seivane, the creator of Vacaciones Inteligentes (Smart Holidays), had already developed a model for a holiday that combines the pleasures of a traditional holiday along with personal growth activities. The ancient techniques of yoga, relaxation and meditation have proved to be extraordinarily effective in soothing tensions and promoting physical and mental health.  The result was a new concept for a holiday that integrates all of these techniques against a backdrop of rich interpersonal communication, freedom and fun.

 The growing success of Smart Holidays and the many similar options that are invading the market is clear evidence that society is looking for intelligent and holistic alternatives to the disenchantment of the traditional holiday.


“Smart Holidays far exceeded my expectations. I came home feeling completely renewed and with many new friends. It was a perfect balance between fun and relaxation.” Alejandra Recasens Marketing Expert
“My Smart Holiday was surprisingly entertaining and interesting. What’s more, I discovered meditation which I still practice regularly.” Ramón Torrelledó Conductor of the Russian National Orchestra
“Undoubtedly, it was the smartest thing I did this year. I made great friends and came home feeling completely calm and relaxed.” Carmen Mendazona Lawyer
“This holiday shed light on many things in my life and proved a very pleasant and rewarding experience for me.” José María Pouplana Physician
“I am indebted to Smart Holidays. I like everything about them, especially sharing wonderful experiences with like-minded people.” Mª Celi Ramos Businesswoman
“I have been participating in Smart Holidays for the past twenty years and would not dream of doing anything else for my summer holidays.” Olga Borrachero Housewife
“You cannot beat Smart Holidays; the organization is impeccable, the hotel excellent and the program first class.” Pepa Canals Retired Civil Servant
“This was a holiday full of substance! You can count on me for next year.” Cristina G. Huarte Sociologist
“Are these holidays smart? Absolutely! Leisure is not just idle slouching around, but the opportunity to delve deep into oneself.” Javier Nart Lawyer
“Smart Holidays is a perfect guide to the secret paths of wisdom and well-being.” Fernando Sánchez Dragó Writer
“This has been the best holiday of my life. Pure magic!” Mónica Sánchez Verguiso Stressed Ex-Publicist