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Francisco López-Seivane

An authority on Eastern philosophy, Francisco López-Seivane introduced yoga in Spain and paved the way for personal growth techniques to flourish. A tireless traveller, he has written several books, among them “Perlas de Sabiduría” (“Pearls of Wisdom”), “Viaje al Silencio” (“Journey to Silence”) -runner up of the Great Travellers Award in 2002-, “Cosas que aprendí de Oriente” (“Things I Learned from the East”) and “Crónicas de un nómada”. He regularly writes for ‘El Mundo’ and ‘ABC’ newspapers and presents the program ‘Crónicas de un nómada’ on Radio 5 (RNE).

 See an interview on CNN+ (in Spanish)

Listen to ‘Crónicas de un nómada’ on Radio 5 (in Spanish): http://www.rtve.es/alacarta/audios/cronicas-de-un-nomada/


Zoë Tempest

Zoë Tempest was born in Bermuda and raised in the UK where she obtained a degree in Sociology and Anthropology. She has practiced yoga since childhood and has extensive experience as a teacher. Her classes provide a meditative environment to nourish mindfulness, inner peace and deep well-being.

“Francisco López-Seivane, whom I consider an extraordinary friend, is a man of utmost honesty, intelligence, sensitivity, generosity and wisdom.” Dr. Raymond Moody
“I have known Francisco López-Seivane for more than thirty years. He is charismatic, sharp-witted with a special gift for communication.” Enrique Miret Magdalena
“Francisco López-Seivane makes happiness look easy. He teaches people physical and mental well-being in all its simplicity.” José Luis Martín Prieto


“Seeing Zoë in action is one of the most beautiful and harmonious sights I have ever seen.” Fernando Sánchez Dragó
“I have known Zoë for many years. She is a very meticulous and dedicated yoga teacher. It would be hard to find someone to match her in Spain.” Enrique Miret Magdalena
“Zoë radiates peace and harmony. From the moment you are in her presence, you start to relax.” Pilar Lorenz